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Airline Cabin Crew Training Courses

To most the sky is the limit...
Only to a few who have the passion and love for aviation, the sky is only the beginning of a fun filled adventure.
Being a Cabin Crew Member is not a job, it is a life style.

Live the dream start your training today!

We offer a fulltime 6 week course to all interested in starting a career in aviation.

Our accredited Cabin Crew training programs allow for skills development, knowledge and practical training
that will equip you to become an efficient Cabin Crew Member, for both national and international airlines.

Our Cabin Crew students are introduced to airlines, airports and different aircraft types which are used in the industry,
expanding their general knowledge and understanding of the Aviation World to which they will soon be a part of.

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Upcoming Cabin Crew Course Dates:


25 November


6 January
27 January
24 February
23 March
20 April
18 May
15 June
13 July
10 August
7 September
5 October
2 November
23 November
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Cabin Crew Training Course Outline:

• Passenger handling and service procedures
• Dangerous Goods training
• Ditching (swimming, lifesaving skills and water survival)
• Fire Fighting
• Aircraft mock-up training (simulation training)
• Aviation Medicine (level 3 first aid, CPR and child birth)
• Practical aircraft training, skills training and field trips
• Theory - Safety and Emergency Procedure Training
• AVSEC - aviation security training
• SA-CAA licence examination
• Cabin Crew Licence and Certificate handout

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Requirements to become an active Cabin Crew Member:

• 18 years or older
• Fluent in English
• Medically and physically fit
• Be able to move in water unassisted (training available)

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All students who complete the course successfully will receive a FREE CV
(in the correct Airline format) and a list of contact information for interviews / CV submissions.

Interview questions and recruitment assistance given.
Student Loan assistance available.

T's & C's apply.