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From the Desk of Petro du Plooy (CEO)
Thomas Alva Edison said: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!"
Our business has proved this to be very true, even though we are entrepreneurial in our thoughts, nothing is accomplished without hard work and effort. A saving grace from our whole Big Sky team is that we love what we do, our passion will keep us improving year by year to afford better training to all our students, making aviation safer.
Our student appreciation function was a ritual for us every year, but we have decided to endeavour on a new road regarding client appreciation and to focus this more on a personal level, developing each and every student to their best achievement and improving aviation safety.
28 March 2013, we started as a small operation with 2 persons and one classroom, today we have grown to an administration and training staff of 11, developing staff year on year as this will increase our training capabilities, not only that of Cabin Crew but to the industry for Dangerous Goods (DG),   Crew Resource Management (CRM), Pilot programs (SEPT) and in the new year venture into the Aviation Management and Quality fields.
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